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Games That Teach

Play Wooden supports children’s learning through play. Our in-school learning programme teaches Maths, English, Science, Technology and Social Skills with a whole variety of engaging wooden games. All of our activities are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability. 


We support young people in their academic journey using natural resources and ecological activities. The programme is designed by researching the national curriculum and tailoring the activities according to the children's needs. 

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 Our programme teaches math skills by  practicing memory, problem solving and number games. Children can build, make patterns and solve puzzles, while having fun and working together.

Science and Technology

Our sessions will encourage children to learn about science and technology. The I-Cricket, for example, uses engineering to show how energy is made from movement. 


Social skills

The sessions provide activities that encourage communication skills, team work, collaboration, concentration and self confidence.  Positive social, emotional and physical development is key to supporting a young person's learning.

Bespoke Programmes for your Alternative provision & School

Our programmes are tailored around the needs of the children and schools who we work with.  We understand that all children are unique and so sessions are planned around those children attending.  We have a multi skilled workforce and custom design kit. 

We want to hear from you!

  Do you have children who need support with their learning?

  What support do they need? 

Which area of their learning development would you like us to work on?


Contact us directly or fill out the enquiries form below...

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