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Play Wooden CIC is an ethical and ecological social enterprise that dreams to nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our community through the use of wooden games that foster a fun experience. We bring play sourced from esoteric wooden games from around the world and the common principle of the importance of play for both children and adult. These wooden games reconnect us to the beauty of simplicity and sustainability. These games bring about an effortlessly felt sense of community cohesion by encouraging intergenerational play, and function as the medium of communication to bridge the widening gap between the generations in a joyful and relaxing atmosphere, stimulating the mind in a natural dimension.                                                                              

                                                            "We grow tired because we stop playing" Oluwa       

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Oluwatosin Shittu

Rosie is Play Wooden's Head Fundraiser (hahahaha I didn't know what to call myself?!), and has been working as a volunteer with Play Wooden since August 2020. A Conference Manager by day, Rosie is passionate about social responsibility, and organisations working towards a greener, more sustainable future. 


Rosie Quigley

My name is Anna and I am one of the marketing and social media volunteers at Play Wooden! I help the community hear about and get involved with what we do, helping to spread the message about our fun, natural games and brainteasers. I believe environmental awareness is very important and as a current neuroscience student, I understand the significance of play and how it can improve our mood and ability to learn and grow with others.


Anna Alford

My name’s Natasha and I volunteer as a Marketing Assistant here with PlayWooden! I come from a marketing background and studied Media and Communications at University.  To me, Play Wooden provides the opportunity for people to have fun and play and is helping to get rid of the idea that play is only for kids. As an environmentally conscious person, it’s wonderful to be a part of an organisation that cares about creating sustainable and eco-friendly puzzles and games for everyone to enjoy.


Natasha Richardson



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Spread our stimulating wooden games everywhere by Inspire people to make a healthy and environmentally friendly choice towards the future. 

Make unique and alternative ecological wooden games that are affordable.