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Play Wooden hires and sells a wide range of ethical wooden games designed to nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our society through play that also inspire effective learning from esoteric games from all around the world

Play Wooden CIC is an ethical and ecological company that dreams to nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our community through the use of wooden games. 
We bring play sourced from esoteric wooden games from around the world. 
By un-covering these games lost over the generations, we start to remind players of the beauty of simplicity and move away from the hungry consumerist mentality that so often forgets to honour the journey our material goods take from source to satisfaction.

Our games manifest the notion of environmental awareness and respect; from the recycled wood the games are made from, to the people of all backgrounds who gain skills from making them, to the children and adults who, through the senses of wooden play, are opened to a new way to use their minds to learn more about themselves and the world around them.
Some of our games are designed for one player taking the individual on a journey of self-adventure and a more intimate understanding of the boundaries and spaces of their minds. While other games encourage leadership and cooperation through the medium of teamwork and participation within a group.

Whether you are playing alone or as a team, all the activities create an environment of self-discovery by stimulating the mind in a healthy way, bringing about a calmness that may even change your perception of reality. It is a real happy celebration.

Sowing together these ideas of integrating ourselves into our environment and the people that surround us, the games bring about an effortless felt sense of community cohesion by encouraging intergenerational play between children and adults. The games become a medium of communication to bridge the widening gap between the generations in a joyful and relaxing atmosphere, stimulating the mind in a natural dimension.


Spread our stimulating wooden games everywhere by Inspire people to make health and environmentally friendly choice towards the future. 

Oluwatosin Shittu


Make unique and alternative ecological wooden games that is affordable.


Workshop: 141 City Road, Bristol, BS2 8YH

Office: Emmaus Bristol Incubator       
Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ


+44 (0) 752 241 0945

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