Meet The Team

Oluwatosin Shittu

Founder, CEO & Executive Manager

The centre of my background is PLAY. I started in 2002 working nationally with a group of artists in Italy and I worked with various sectors involving education, play, languages interpreting and intercultural with children, young people, youth and adults. From 2008 to 2014 I worked with Pianeta Verde, designing and making wooden games and mechanical games. Awareness of the environmental issue has always been a core part of my work experiences, as a practice I always consider recycling materials when designing and making wooden games and evaluating the impact of what I do.  Thanks to this habit I set up Play Wooden in 2017 as an environmentally friendly social enterprise that aims to nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our society through play. That also inspires effective learning from esoteric games from all around the world. In Bristol City I play an active role in advocating for qualitative play opportunities for children, young people and youth, and encourage youth leadership. I also advocate for the safeguarding of our green space in the city and advocate for families to be the leading voice about the green space in their community and use it.                                                   

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Manruf Chanfi

A PGCE Qualified Teacher. Teacher of Modern Languages – French and Spanish 1 to 1 tuition in numeracy and literacy for Key Stage 2, Key 3 Maths and Science.  I advise Play Wooden on how best to target schools and on writing play programmes for students.
Anna Crennell

I'm an observational painter, using oils for studies of landscape, still life as well as watercolour for illustrative descriptions. A beginner but very keen Woodworker, especially interested in engaging with the natural form and character of the wood which was enhanced by my time spent living in a little woodland in the south west coast of Scotland. I've a BSc in Psychology which lead me to work enabling and tutoring university students with disabilities. My particular area of interest however was in neuroscience, measuring visual imagery, imagination and memory. Currently, I manage a small, independent art shop in Bristol, which has contributed to an in depth knowledge of art materials, website design, accounting and managing people where the aim is in supporting artists, from students to professionals to find the right materials they need for their artwork. As one of the Directors in Play Wooden I have the opportunity to amass this knowledge. Working with the rest of the team to deliver uplifting and enlightening play opportunities where they're needed most and share the grounding experience of working and playing with natural materials. 

Guild Mohamed
Woodwork Apprentice

I am an Art Activist who is passionate about kids having fun and learning about their cultural heritage. I work with lots of programs such as Bristol Rainforest volunteers, Somail Kitchen and I am an avid gardener and fluent Somali speaker and CAD technician.
Guillaume Foulquie
Woodwork Apprentice

Having studied a broad range of subjects and specialised in Shakespeare Studies with a PhD, I felt the need to acquire manual skills and to learn a trade I could really thrive in. It was also important for me to engage in a role involved in fostering a constructive dialogue between Bristol's communities to tackle issues of inequality. Learning woodwork while helping a community project was the perfect solution, so I joined Play Wooden in June 2021 as an apprentice. I am very excited to bring my experience as a playworker and my academic and creative writing skills to the open-minded vision of a diverse and dynamic team.

Stephen Ocquaye
Management Consultant

A commercially focused Corporate Services, Strategic and Change Management professional, with extensive experience in both the public, profit and not-for-profit sectors spanning across healthcare, education, corporate and management consulting. Skilled at strategically driving change management and transformation initiatives to achieve operational efficiency, stakeholder buy-in and employee engagement. Leverages expertise to develop logical and innovative initiatives and recommend technological solutions for complex, business-critical issues. Delivers actionable analysis and insight to evolve service offerings. Successfully identifies, establishes and promotes collaborative relationships to realise and share assets, strengths and strategic development. Leverages advanced communication skills to engage with board of trustees and stakeholders, assimilate and translate requirements into actionable solutions. A strategic and transparent leader, consistently recognised for empowering, developing and inspiring individuals, achieving high engagement and productivity.

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Anna Alford

Marketing Volunteer

My name is Anna and I am one of the marketing and social media volunteers at Play Wooden! I help the community hear about and get involved with what we do, helping to spread the message about our fun, natural games and brainteasers. I believe environmental awareness is very important and as a current neuroscience student, I understand the significance of play and how it can improve our mood and ability to learn and grow with others.


Natasha Richardson

Marketing Volunteer

My name’s Natasha and I volunteer as a Marketing Assistant here with PlayWooden! I come from a marketing background and studied Media and Communications at University.  To me, Play Wooden provides the opportunity for people to have fun and play and is helping to get rid of the idea that play is only for kids. As an environmentally conscious person, it’s wonderful to be a part of an organisation that cares about creating sustainable and eco-friendly puzzles and games for everyone to enjoy.


Daniele Matuzeviciute
Marketing and Social Media Kickstarter

My name is Daniele (aka Danni), and I am a Play Wooden marketing & social media Kickstarter! I have always been super passionate about sustainability and resolving our environmental issues through innovative concepts. As a creative individual, I believe Play Wooden is the perfect balance between sustainability and ingenuity, allowing children and young people to express themselves in a safe and fun way.

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