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At Playwooden we strongly believe in the power of connecting and learning through play. So many of the ways we do this now, through screens; your iPads or phones, get the brain over stimulated (which is like a way of saying really hyper) when used too much. And can make it hard to concentrate.

Our games aim to do the opposite, helping your brain to calm down and focus 🙂

The games we share with you come from countries all around the world and are old enough that even your great-great grandparents might have played them!

Everything we create is made from wood, give it a feel, what does it make you think of?

Stay connected with us through our Facebook page, if you hire or buy the games we love to hear from you how you’ve got on and any feedback you might have. We’d love to see any pictures or videos of Play Wooden games in action that could be posted on our Facebook page.


So enough talk and lets play, what will the games teach you today......


Emmaus Bristol Incubator       
Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ

+44 (0) 752 241 0945

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