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Our Products



  • Our games are handmade, predominantly with recycled wood from local sources, they are colourfully decorated and finished using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. Our aim is to encourage the appreciation of environmental values and handcraft techniques. The ethos of the company is Make-Value-Use, to teach ourselves to use with purpose and respect the resources we have, to protect the future and be less destructive and materialistic.


  • These wooden games are unique objects. They are the result of inventive minds and free interpretations from the past to the present around the world.

  • Rather than just simple mechanisms these mechanical games are the result of research and study. They describe how things move and represent how items like computers, plastic print games, engines or appliances work.

  • See the pattern and you can see the solution. There is no easy or difficult Brainteaser, it is all about how you think and see reality shaped by the algorithms. 

  • Everyone has the opportunity to live and play together, not only with relatives and friends but with anyone who is present and ready to share this fantastic experience.

  • Each game has its own story. They are unique pieces, which entertain and amuse. They can also give genuine and healthy entertainment for children as an alternative from technology and computers. Crucially, they give the opportunity for adults to share quality time with their children, friends and colleagues in a work environment

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