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Aztec Ring

Aztec Ring

SKU: 100

Aztec Ring


A stunning and fun brain teaser.


The Aztec Ring requires perseverance, logic and patience. It is a single player game, but you may find yourself asking for help quicker than you thought.


The aim of the game is to remove the ring from the puzzle and put it back on afterwards. It may look like a child’s game, but this puzzle is far more complex than it first seems. It requires a creative, innovative problem solving approach. 


Try playing against your friends, to see who is able to solve it the fastest. Be warned, you may get lucky removing it, but attaching the ring is more difficult than it appears. 


Aztec Ring, like most of our fantastic games, is made from sustainable wood to promote the use of ecological games rather than plastic ones. It is created in our very own workshop in Bristol with the finest care possible. 

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