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The ultimate versus game.


Delirium is a two-player game that tests your hand eye coordination, competitive nature and decision-making skills. Will you take it slow to focus each movement, or will you delve into a frenzy?


To play, simply distribute 4 pawns onto each side of the board between the two players. Your aim is to fire the pawns through the middle hole utilising the elastic band. You win once all of the pawns on the opponent's side of the board.


Remember, this game requires more skill than you would expect and it will not be an easy victory!


The game is easy to fold in half, allowing you to take the game anywhere you want, to play anytime!


Delirium, like most of our fantastic games, is made from sustainable wood to promote the use of ecological games rather than plastic ones. It is created in our very own workshop in Bristol, and painted by hand, with the finest care possible.


Size: 42 x 42 x 9 cm

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