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Looped Rings

Looped Rings


Looped Rings


A tricky mind-bending game.


Looped Rings requires a lateral thinking technique, involving freeing your brain to solve this confusing puzzle. You’ll need to model your brain like a sculptor models clay.


This puzzle requires you to separate the ring or string from the rest of the puzzle and then reconnect it. Be warned, this game is far more challenging than it initially seems! The first thing to deceive you is your eyes!


Try playing this game against your friends, seeing who can solve it in the quickest time! Or simply stump your family, by testing their own skills at family dinner. 


Looped Rings, like most of our fantastic games, are made from sustainable wood to promote the use of ecological games rather than plastic ones. It is created in our very own workshop in Bristol, and painted by hand, with the finest care possible.

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